Youth of Power U & Community Members Seek to Address the Crisis of Public Education

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Power U Center for Social Change, an intergenerational grassroots organization, is taking a stand to transform the landscape of public education in Miami-Dade by bringing students, parents, teachers, and the community together to help address the problems facing education. At a time when Miami Dade schools face significant budgetary problems and censorship challenges, the need for community involvement is now more critical than ever.

Public education in Miami-Dade faces challenges both financially and politically. Due to state legislation like HB 1, teachers and staff continue to struggle to provide students with all the support they truly deserve due to Ron Desantis’ commitment to privatize public education. Power U believes that, politically, teachers and their unions are being targeted, and students are being subjected to the censorship of accurate history and essential conversations about identity. These ideas are supported by various school board members of Miami Dade, with many everyday people feeling left out of meaningful discussions concerning their families. Power U recognizes that bringing people together to get involved in changing their schools and communities is the only way change happens long term.

In order to address this moment, Power U is inviting those committed to helping protect public education to attend their town hall this Saturday, July 15th, at 12 p.m. at their office in Liberty City, 720 NW 55th Street, Miami, FL 33127. The organization seeks to build community, inform the public on ways to get involved and support them in advocating on behalf of themselves to the Miami-Dade County School Board. They do this while being led by those most directly impacted by these decisions, the students themselves.

“Our town hall aims to bring out locals into a space to build connections and solidarity with individuals who share a common interest. We believe folks, regardless of their background, should know and have a voice on these important community issues,” said La Monique Reid, a 14-year-old Sophomore at Miami Jackson High School & Elected Co-Chair of the Reproductive Justice Committee for Power U . “We believe in the power of mobilizing our community. We can transform public education into a space that empowers, uplifts, and equips future generations for success.”

Power U welcomes individuals passionate about education and implementing social justice to join their efforts by signing up to speak at the 1st MDCPS Budget Hearing on Power U’s behalf happening Wednesday, July 26th, at 4:00 p.m. at 1450 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33132.

For more information about Power U’s initiatives and upcoming events or to get involved, please visit or contact [email protected].


About Power U:

Power U is a grassroots organization developing the leadership and civic participation of intergenerational community members in Miami-Dade County. Power U uses political education, leadership training, committee structures, canvassing, campaigns, and democratic processes to create opportunities for members and supporters to put the skills they learn into action and grow into leadership positions within the organization. Power U’s top-of-line priorities include organizing working-class individuals, increasing community access to resources such as mental health, clean neighborhoods, and creating awareness of the upcoming MDCPS Budget Process, which will affect the impending financial crisis on Miami’s public education.

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SOURCE: Power U Center for Social Change

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