Langly App: A Revolutionary Language Learning Experience Launches

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Langly App, a revolutionary language learning platform, has been introduced to the market, offering a new and innovative approach to language education. As an ingenious English learning app, Langly provides users with the opportunity to learn English onlineusing a…

Youth of Power U & Community Members Seek to Address the Crisis of Public Education

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Power U Center for Social Change, an intergenerational grassroots organization, is taking a stand to transform the landscape of public education in Miami-Dade by bringing students, parents, teachers, and the community together to help address…

Blue Studios and K12 Crypto Announce Partnership to Tackle Chronic School Absenteeism

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Blue Studios and K12 Crypto have announced their new partnership to tackle chronic school absenteeism.This stems from the current issue of school absenteeism becoming a continual growing problem within the education system. Chronic absence is…