Cookie3, a Pioneer in Blockchain Behavioural Analytics, Raises $2.5 Million in Seed and Strategic Rounds

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WARSAW, POLAND / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2022 / Cookie3 will provide B2B services, making it the first-ever ads targeting tool in the Metaverse, content personalization for dApps, customer insights dashboard and behavioural scoring of investors which will be a comprehensive tool for launchpads, airdrops, and NFT mints.

“We started designing and building our privacy-first, on-chain behavioural analytics solutions back in mid-2021. That led to the first strategic partnerships and platform integrations. Since then we haven’t stopped building and delivering.” shares Wojtek Piechocinski, Cookie3 co-founder and CTO.

Building a behavioural oracle for all Web2 brands entering NFTs and Metaverse and personalization solutions for existing services in Web3 requires a strong team and a network of curated partners.

Following the round led by Spartan Group (Asia’s leading crypto Venture Fund), Hartmann Capital (a Miami-based fund with $30 million aimed at the Web3) and Big Brain Holdings (an early investor in Solana), the company keeps expanding their portfolio of strategic partnerships. Their network now includes projects like Adshares (read more about the joint implementation of ads targeting service in Decentraland), Forward Protocol, Hypersign, Synapse Network and Zetly.

“Many people ask us if we want to become a limited version of Google Analytics in Web3, as we don’t own any browser or service that is used by millions of people. It’s important to remember that an inherent feature of all public blockchains is transparency. We don’t need to own a browser, website, marketplace, or game to interpret the behaviours of literally all Web3 customers, collectors, players, and users. Blockchain and Metaverse interoperability is for us what browser & search are for Google. We don’t need to own a blockchain to interpret it.” explains Filip Wielanier, Cookie3 co-founder and CEO.

Among other investment companies that joined seed and strategic rounds were LD Capital (a leading Singapore crypto fund), Orange DAO (fund run by >1200 Y Combinator alumni), Jsquare (assets under management of over $150M, with a portfolio of 50+ projects, industry-leading projects such as CoinList or Big Time), Block54 (boutique fund with Chainlink and Fantom in portfolio), Damo Labs (affiliated with BTC38 Group, a top blockchain company in Asia)Master Ventures and Gravity Team (market-making solutions for biggest exchanges).

Full list of investors:

Spartan Group, LD Capital, Hartmann Capital, Orange DAO, BigBrainHoldings, Jsquare, Damo Labs, Block54, Master Ventures, Gravity Team, Blockchain Ventures Hub, Stakez, Grizzly Capital, AlphaCrypto, WealthUnion, Shugo Ventures, Maximus Capital, Metadsverse, Synapse Ventures, Metavision, Crypto League, DCI, Pointer Capital, Danxia, Evan Luthra