Unite for Italy Presents at NASDAQ MarketSite Promoting with Humanity 2.0 Impactful Philanthropic Technology

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2022 / Unite For Italy, a Non-Profit Impact Initiative, announced live from the NASDAQ MarketSite its commitment to unite all Italian philanthropic, health, and wellness causes under one platform in cooperation with Humanity 2.0. The organization disclosed its early stage public health initiative, the new deployable donation portal, and its public-private partnership strategies. Unite for Italy’s mission is to become the first centralized hub for individuals and businesses to donate from anywhere in the world to any purposeful cause in Italy.

Caption: Giordano Morichi CEO and Founder of Unite for Italy at NASDAQ MarketSite.

The new platform is expected to launch in Q4 2022.

Presentations and comments were made during the “Putting “H” (Humanity and Health) in ESG” event, hosted by Humanity 2.0 and the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) live from the NASDAQ Marketsite. The event brought both public and private industry leaders together to discuss, in collaborative dialogues, the importance of Humanity and Health at the core of EGS principles with the aim to create a more sustainable future for the collective in a new united society.

Father Philip Larrey, Chairman of Humanity 2.0 commented: “It is impressive how a simple idea has the potential to generate such impact on a variety of operational scales. Unite for Italy is special because it is more than a great technological tool; it invites anyone from anywhere in the world to get out of the socio-political and economic lockdown, and to focus on the more human side of the COVID emergency. Unite for Italy pushed humanity to unite and join the fight against an invisible enemy calling to action everyone around the globe by providing, through the help of technology, a platform that gave voice to its users and that inspired them to make a difference; people were able to help without the need to move out of their homes.”

Giordano Morichi, CEO & Founder of Morichi Atelier and Unite for Italy enunciated: “Contributions are the lifeblood of all charitable activity. Unite For Italy will be a positive disruptive platform to help every business become a force for good while serving as the most efficient tool for people to be part of an ongoing global social change; we will help transform donations into tangible impact for the development of a brighter, better, and a more sustainable future for the collective. Today’s philanthropic activity has to be easy and keep up with the demands of our society, but most importantly, it has to be measurable, traceable, and accessible to all. Everyone has the potential to make a difference, to create a new reality, and ultimately to change the world for the better. The power is in your hands, and through our new platform, it will be at the tip of your fingertips.”

About Humanity 2.0

Humanity 2.0 is a Non-Profit, NGO (Non-Government Organization) focused on identifying and removing impediments to human flourishing through the use of technology and human ingenuity. A vehicle for facilitating collaborative ventures between the traditionally siloed public, private and faith-based sectors. Its mission is to identify impediments to human flourishing and then work collaboratively across sectors to remove them by sourcing and scaling bold and innovative solutions. Developed in collaboration with the Dicastery of Promoting Integral Human Development at the Holy See and a consortium of leaders and luminaries, Humanity 2.0 seeks to unite humanity in the common cause of realizing a better world for our children.

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About Unite for Italy

Unite for Italy is a Non-Profit Philanthropic and Public Health Impact Initiative partner of Humanity 2.0. The organization’s mission is to utilize technology, sustainable development, and public-private partnerships to drive advocacy for social causes throughout the Italian community, but not limited to it, worldwide. The initiative was founded in 2020, in response to the world events of Covid-19, with the intention of developing a better tomorrow today through the use of accessible and user-friendly technology; a web portal was first developed to shorten the search times and donations processes of the various fundraisers for users in the Italian territory and the international one. Today Unite for Italy projects its growth toward uniting all Italian Philanthropic, Sustainable, and Social Impact causes under one powerful platform that will push the impact revolution and empower people around the globe to make a difference.