Minority-Owned Beauty Powerhouse, Mink Envy, Offers Dynamic Edge To Classic Allure

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Baltimore-based lash and cosmetics brand, Mink Envy, is changing the way we experience beauty within ourselves and with others. The minority-owned force in cosmetics recently introduced a unique concept in the beauty landscape that will change the way people see the world and understand how self-confidence is the most powerful tool in your makeup bag. Mink Envy’s very own Lash Vending Machines have swept across the East Coast, turning heads and batting eyes at the convenience and support found in these machines. The durability and reliability of the lashes is the Mink Envy guarantee, now more accessible than ever.

Featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour Magazine, Mink Envy has quickly become the gold standard in beauty spaces, dominating the lash landscape with quality and a kiss of attitude. The company currently serves 11 locations across the Eastern Seaboard with their vending machines, taking social media platforms by storm for their incredibly seamless approach to cosmetics. During the early years of their development, Mink Envy served as a delivery service for their lashes across the greater Baltimore area, packing lashes by night and driving by day. The hustle paid off and launched their cosmetics line into the mainstream, stealing the hearts of the young, old, and everyone in between.

Mink Envy lashes can be worn a total of 25 times, which is unheard of in the beauty space. Their faux-lashes are vibrant, full of volume, and designed for the leader of the pack. At its core, Mink Envy strives to foster a community of men and women who are unapologetically themselves. Finding beauty within your own design is the first step with a wink to follow. Mink Envy seeks to inspire women to abandon their day jobs, not their daydreams.

With the arrival of Mink Envy’s dynamic vending machines, their quality lashes can be sourced anywhere at any time, making top-shelf beauty products more accessible to anyone, anywhere.


Mink Envy is a minority-owned force in cosmetics well known for their unique vending machines. Based out of Baltimore, the company currently serves 11 locations along the East Coast with plans to expand and develop further, making their suite of beauty products more accessible to anyone, anywhere.


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