WorldVest Launches MineralCoin on Polymesh Blockchain and prepares for 24/7 Global Trading on regulated ATS Exchange

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CHARLESTON, SC / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2022 / WorldVest is excited to announce that its MineralCoin smart contract security token has been transferred from Ethereum to the new Polymesh Blockchain under the symbol Mineral and represents the first of a series of new WorldVest Sector Investment Coins backed by real assets supporting intrinsic asset value and globally traded 24/7 on the blockchain. Garrett Krause, Senior Managing Director of WorldVest, added, “We are very excited to see MineralCoin complete a transition from the early Polymath Ethereum protocol to list on the Polymesh Blockchain” and further added “Since the launch of MineralCoin, in 2018, we have patiently waited for launch of a dedicated institutional-grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets traded as Security Tokens.”

In 2017, during the initial ICO boom, MineralCoin was conceived and launched through Polymath on its Ethereum blockchain protocol, but unlike early Crypto its investment value was backed by real Bauxite and Gold assets. Shortly thereafter, regulators arrived and deemed that Crypto Coins backed by real assets, like MineralCoin, were to be classified as securities and could not be traded like unregulated Crypto Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and hundreds of others on unregulated Global Crypto Exchanges.

Since 2010, WorldVest has been actively investing in the acquisition, exploration, and development of high value mineral concession opportunities and, as of today, we hold Bauxite and Gold concession assets in the mineral rich country of Guinea, West Africa. Guinea holds a minimum of 25% of the world’s bauxite deposits with naturally low reactive silica content which is some of the most favorable in the world for high-grade aluminum production. Guinea also has rich deposits alluvial gold which lies in the gold ore belt of Falem with several multi-million-ounce producing mines that produce high quantities and qualities of gold.

The recent ouster of the corrupt Cond√© Regime has given the people of Guinea a renewed sense of hope, according to Jordan Garcia, Honorary Consul for the Republic of Guinea for California. He added, “One of the primary missions of the new government will be to create an environment that will build confidence among investors and companies operating in the country. We would like to reassure our partners and future partners that business in Guinea will continue as normal and we are ready for business.”

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