The Pastor’s Tax Man: Clergy and Minister Taxes Simplified

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FORT COLLINS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / January 10, 2022 / The New Year is just around the corner, which also means tax season is upon us. When it comes to taxes, ministers are considered employees for income tax purposes but are considered self-employed for Social Security tax purposes. For this reason, clergy taxes can feel overwhelming and complicated. Enter The Pastor’s Tax Man, a family-owned and operated business offering federal and state tax returns for ministers and their families, determined to keep the process simple.

Based in Colorado, The Pastor’s Tax Man is an expert in all areas of clergy taxation. Since its founding in 2009 by Bill and Mishie Daknis, The Pastor’s Tax Man has been on a mission to improve the financial condition of ministers and their families by offering tax return preparation and tax information to help lower the family’s overall tax obligation. Over the years, the company has acquired over 150 loyal clients from 17 different states. The company is exclusively family-owned and is run out of their home in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. Bill and his wife Mishie are the only two employees and they plan on keeping it that way. “We’re very thankful for the niche we have created,” Pastor’s Tax Man owner, Bill Daknis says, “Our clientele has been extremely loyal, and we really, really appreciate that. We are looking to bring in more clients, but we are not looking to lose anything in the quality department.” They enjoy building personal relationships with every client.

During tax season, they lease a local office for clients who want and are able, to come in for personal consultation. They also offer virtual tax preparation and planning services with the goal of minimizing tax burden, maximizing the refund, and offering flexibility to those that need it. Bill understands that clergy members are in a confusing tax bracket, being in one system for Income tax and another for Social Security tax. It was with this realization and desire to help that he branded himself “The Pastor’s Tax Man.” Their personalized virtual tax services provide flexibility, convenience, control, and confidence to clients. One of the biggest advantages that virtual tax preparation offers is the ability to file taxes online. E-filing transmits a completed return to the Internal Revenue Service instantaneously, allowing the IRS to review it and send any refunds as quickly as possible. Aside from high-speed returns, virtual tax preparation, and online filing eliminate the need to maintain paper records of tax returns for years to come, providing an electronic record that can be stored digitally.

The services provided by The Pastor’s Tax Man for tax filings include: a full preparation of federal and state tax returns using the latest and top-rated tax software, clergy tax services for members that own small businesses, and a guarantee that returns are prepared and reviewed by a former IRS Enrolled Agent with extensive industry experience. “We’ll guide you to every credit and deduction for which you’re eligible, giving you the confidence of knowing that you’re minimizing your tax liability and optimizing your return.” For an initial consultation with The Pastor’s Tax Man, reach out to