Tech Giants Stand To Profit The Most From The Data Privacy Revolution, Beringer Capital Says

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Apple, in a shot heard around the world, ripped apart the accepted model of tech advertising when it enabled unprecedented consumer privacy features earlier this decade. Market values at companies that depend on consumer data,…

Tempest Launches Premier Private Search and Browser to Revolutionise the Online Search Experience

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Tempest, an internet privacy company, has announced the public launch of its new search engine and browser. The integrated private search and browser surpasses others in the market through combining unrivalled privacy features with a…

Techwave Opens a New Office Space in Mumbai

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Techwave, a leading provider of IT and engineering solutions worldwide, has expanded its office in Mumbai by opening a redesigned Innovation Center. Mr. Damodar Gummadapu, Co-Founder and Chairman of Techwave, and Ms. Reena Sharma, Regional Head…

DataBank.Me Deploys AI Digital Human to Run 90% of Operations

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The futuristic digital solution leverages Soul Machines’s patented Digital Brain technology together with a suite of advanced technologies, including conversational AI, autonomous animation, and Web3. The result is a lifelike digital human who can detect…

Reimagining Healthcare With Technology

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Healthcare has changed dramatically since the pandemic. Technology underpins every facet, including telehealth and telemedicine, which are now the defacto delivery mechanisms. Smart technologies are embedded in hospital equipment, cloud-accessible patient charts and scans, electronic…

Hero Technologies (HENC) Applies for Cannabis Operations License in Vassar Township, Michigan

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 Hero Technologies (OTCQB:HENC) (Twitter: @heroicmindtech), a cannabis company focused on a “seed-to-sale” vertical integration strategy, today announced that it has filed the required paperwork to obtain a license for building and operating a cannabis growing facility…