Start-up Will Provide a Platform to Make it Easier to Invest in Cannabis Digital Assets

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Blockchain technology, smart contracts, and decentralization are words you probably hear more and more recently because they are revolutionizing traditional economic markets.

In parallel with the surge of alternative technologies, CBD and other alternative medicines are seeing strong adoption, and more countries are legalizing cannabis for recreational use every day. The growth rate in both the blockchain and cannabis sectors is enormous, opening the doors to innovative ways of interconnection and further pushing both industries to their limits.

What is RastaSwap?

RastaSwap is a community-driven project on a mission to become the number-one crypto cannabis ecosystem and a bridge between the traditional market and crypto. In this ecosystem, a platform will be launched with the primary goal of providing a secure funding platform to help cannabis companies and startups raise capital by tokenizing their assets and making it easier for enthusiasts from anywhere in the world to invest in cannabis and hemp projects.

Tokenized stocks are projected to trend over the next few years. Despite currently offering only notable company stocks, we believe these stocks offer equitable benefits to smaller companies. Among these benefits are fractional ownership, 24/7 access to markets, and the same economic benefits of the underlying stock.

RastaSwap Ltd., Tuesday, June 28, 2022, Press release picture

RastaCoin Token – $RCOIN

RastaCoin ($RCOIN) is a utility token that gives you access to the RastaSwap Ecosystem and a voice in decision-making processes and community activities. The RastaCoin is the standard payment method in the RastaSwap Ecosystem. Trading fees, NFTs, and products can all be paid with a discount using $RCOIN. RastaCoin will be listed on 30th June on Uniswap and PancakeSwap at 4:20 PM UTC.

RastaSwap Initiatives

The platform will enable cannabis companies at any stage of development to apply for funds to initiate or further expand business operations. RastaSwap will encourage and promote the application process in an effort to establish mutually beneficial partnerships with cannabis companies.

The RastaSwap Business Growth Program was designed to accelerate growth and opportunities for cannabis projects exhibiting great potential.

NFT Marketplace

An NFT Marketplace is a platform dedicated to bringing together unique content creators like cannabis-related artists, musicians, athletes, and experimenters. You can buy, sell, and auction NFTs with 100% safety on our platform. Cannabis-related artists will be invited to join our exclusive collection of NFTs. Exclusive invites will be extended to artists and influencers, so keep an eye out for your invitation.