REV3AL Announces Launch of Their Affiliate Program

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REV3AL, a cybersecurity company that operates in the Web3 space, this week announced the launch of their new affiliate program which will allow members of their community to benefit from helping to share their new technology to projects and companies within the blockchain industry.

In an announcement to their community, REV3AL stated that the program will give members “the opportunity to work directly with some of the REV3AL Product and Marketing teams and to represent REV3AL as a member of our community.”

REV3AL Technology is a company innovating how security is done on the blockchain. The self proclaimed “Norton 360 of Web 3.0” is ensuring that digital assets cannot be duplicated therefore protecting creators and companies developing and selling on the blockchain.

Affiliates of REV3AL will receive a multitude of benefits from spreading the innovative technology to companies in the space. Affiliates who are accepted will receive exclusive early access to REV3AL products, official recognition, and priority notice on new drops and promotions being sent out by the team.

While REV3AL expects mass demand for the program, not just anybody will be able to join. All affiliates must first be vetted and interviewed by the REV3AL team to ensure that the individual and their individual skills are a good fit for the team.

CEO of REV3AL Mo Kumarsi stated, “While it would be nice to let as many people as possible begin promoting our technologies, it is imperative that we protect the brand integrity by only allowing like-minded individuals who truly understand our vision and products onto the team.”

Mo Kumarsi is an entrepreneur who has become well known in the crypto community as of late. Though Mo has had many successes in Web 2.0, he believes in the technology of crypto and blockchain for the future. This love for blockchain led to him starting REV3AL, the solution for the security problems running rampant in Web 3.0.

REV3AL’s stack of products and technologies are expansive and complex. Due to the innovative nature of their business, the tools they have developed often require a great deal of learning to fully understand. This is why REV3AL is ensuring that any potential ambassadors have a strong understanding of the web3 space and the solutions that REV3AL is bringing to market.

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