ProofEasy Signs Strategic Partnership with Baker Support/Food EcoSystems

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DELRAY BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2022 / David Fliss, CEO of Baker Support & Food EcoSystems announced today that they have signed into a formal agreement to launch a strategic partnership with ProofEasy.

Baker Support, leaders in supporting the baking industry and Food EcoSystems, utilizing blockchain technology to improve trust & transparency for the global food industry supply chain will represent ProofEasy as Global Category Partners & Advisors.

ProofEasy provides an innovative way to secure, share and verify certificates & documents using the patented VeriDoc Global blockchain verification technology. They provide a cutting edge document verification platform that aims to eliminate document forgeries, frauds and counterfeits. With this platform, we change the way proof of authentication is validated. ProofEasy removes the bottleneck in fraud prevention by eliminating the need for third-party verification.

ProofEasy is comprised of a team of experts from top industries globally which have years of experience helping companies secure their highly confidential data and documents in the cloud. They have the expertise to adapt to market changes and the impact it has on businesses. ProofEasy listens to customer needs and develops solutions that can be adapted to a multitude of business applications.

Ali Asgar Abbas, Founder of ProofEasy said, “We are looking forward to having David as a formal advisor to the ProofEasy team. He will support us in expanding the use of our patented blockchain solution within the food industry by integrating ProofEasy for safer, more secure Food Safety Compliance, Certification & Education. David will also help us to develop a reseller distribution model for the food industry which will enable us to expand globally into channels and markets we wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise. These are exciting times for ProofEasy as data security is more vulnerable than ever. We’ve rolled out our solutions in the education, healthcare, financial, insurance, and real estate industries. There is no better person than David and the team that he brings, to partner with us in launching ProofEasy for the Food Industry.”

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For information on utilizing ProofEasy or becoming a reseller, contact David Fliss at [email protected]

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SOURCE: Baker Support & Food EcoSystems