Palm Trinity Insurance New Product “Live Insurance” Advocates for Healthy Living through Functional Medicine

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CHINO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 29, 2021 / Palm Trinity Insurance is redefining the perception of most people when it comes to insurance. Along with being the first agency in California to accept cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) for insurance premiums, its latest product, “Live Insurance,” helps its clients not just to prepare for the eventuality of death by getting a life insurance package but also implement their premium toward a package which includes Functional Medicine: Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Yoga, and Meditation. “Live Insurance” is its latest product, where clients can pay monthly premiums to maximize their ability to live. Instead of betting on death, the goal is to bet on living your best life.

Western medicine and pharmaceutical drugs have their limitations. The lack of proper exercise or the basic understanding of the functions of the human body and nutrition has been detrimental to society. Healthy living is the key to the Live Insurance package. This package has created a proven system that implements the Chakra System, the energy center of the human body (thousands of years old Eastern Medicine). It combines it with Western Physiology, how the strengthening of the spine and lymphatic system through routine exercises, adjustments, and proper nutrition can heal you. This is the best of both worlds.

World-class athletes have been using these techniques for years, so why can’t ordinary people have access to these services? Unlike life insurance, which is mainly for the benefit of the owner’s beneficiaries, the Live Insurance package allows clients to use their funds for themselves while they are still alive. Ultimately, Palm Trinity Insurance believes that if you can’t take care of yourself, how can you take care of your family? Living a long, healthy, and productive life, free from diseases and other physical and mental complications, helps everyone.

“We have been through the fire. We know how the human body works and can connect our clients with professionals that can help them heal to maximize their bodies. When I was sick with an undiagnosed illness, I would have given anything for a road map to recovery, that is why I developed this,” explained Brian Kong, President, and CEO of Palm Trinity Insurance.

Through its latest product, Palm Trinity Insurance wants to educate its clients on the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind. If people are willing to pay premiums for their assets: houses, rental properties, cars. Kong believes they would be more than willing to pay a premium for their number 1 asset-their bodies and their minds.

Kong and the rest of his team firmly believe that mental illness and physical illness are directly connected, resulting in illnesses that shake families to the core. However, Kong believes there is a way to heal the body and mind without having to succumb to the chains of pharmaceutical drugs.

The Live Insurance package is inspired by Kong’s dreadful personal experience that rendered him helpless and lost after he suffered a debilitating undiagnosed illness from 2018-2020. As a result, several of his organs were damaged, his serotonin production stopped, and he lost 50 pounds without exerting any effort, leaving him awake for an entire year, without the ability to fall asleep.

The doctors who treated him could only give him a list of pharmaceutical drugs to take, convincing him he was simply suffering from anxiety, despite not being able to sleep, losing control of his basic faculties, and spiraling down into a season of discouragement and hopelessness. It was only when he had a spiritual encounter that things changed dramatically in his life. Before he knew it, he fought to search out the greatest healers and functional medicine experts in the world to help him out with his poor circulation, damaged nerves, and lack of nutrition, among other ailments.

Through Palm Trinity Insurance, Kong hopes to impact as many lives as possible and spare multiple families from seeing a loved one suffer and die too soon. “I want them to have hope. Whether you are already healthy and just want to maximize your life, or you are desperately ill and looking for answers. I want them to know that the insurance dollars that they are already paying every month and not using can actually be used to benefit their lives now,” Kong added. “Mental illness is the battle of our generation. Let’s save some lives.”

As Palm Trinity Insurance continues to dedicate itself to helping clients preserve their lives, it hopes to see more and more people live abundantly and productively.

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