Nitin Bhatnagar Provides Compelling Insight Into His Career as an Entrepreneur

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DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / January 31, 2022 / Nitin Bhatnagar first began his career in investments. Now, as an experienced entrepreneur and real estate professional, Nitin is providing some insight into his highly successful business, Ellington Properties. In an exclusive one-on-one interview, Nitin sits down to discuss his career highlights and how he continues to push professional boundaries. When asked where the idea for his company came from, he states:

“Ellington Properties came to life when my partners and I sat together and decided there was a gap in the marketplace. We noticed that quality apartments were very high in price, and those that were affordable, were often unliveable. We want to create value. This meant developing beautiful, modern living spaces that were also cost-efficient.

As an industry-leading property developer, Nitin and the professionals at Ellington Properties utilize a customer-centric approach when it comes to their business. Offering close-knit communities with a high-quality lifestyle, Nitin is proud of how far they have come since investing in 2014.

Throughout the interview, Nitin also touches on his management style and how he continues to motivate members of his team. Those interested in reading the full interview can do so here.

About Nitin Bhatnagar

Nitin Bhatnagar is an experienced financial professional and entrepreneur based out of Dubai. After obtaining his post-secondary degree from the University of Maryland, Nitin went on to hold a number of executive positions at several prominent banks. These roles included Business Development Manager for the Standard Chartered Bank of India and Vice President and Head of Sales for ABN Amro Bank. With over twenty years of experience in financial services, Nitin specializes in wealth management, structured credit, and corporate financial advisory in onshore and offshore markets. As the co-founder of Ellington Properties, Nitin brings an innovative approach to realty.”

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