NFT Mystery Box: Mint Block Technologies Introduces New Asset in the NFT Space

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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2021 / Even though they are relatively new, NFTs are extremely popular, and every day, the popularity increases not only because the various blockchains represent DeFi (decentralized finance) but also because Non-Fungible Tokens are a supplement to first generation crypto assets. Among the newest and latest NFTs riding on the frenzy is Mint Block Technologies, a decentralized platform with simple but easy to navigate minting tools that have created a level-playing field for every investor, buyer, or holder.

Despite being in a billion-dollar, fast-emerging industry, the creators of Mint Block aim to reach as many people as possible regardless of financial status, hence the idea of a level-playing field that allows customers to buy, sell, and accumulate assets over time and possibly grow a profitable portfolio in the process.

With some of the most compelling offers in the NFT space today, Mint Block is offering Mystery Box opportunities that contain an assortment of NFTs to help build the buyer’s portfolio.

The premise of Mystery Boxes is quite simple and straightforward as it allows each customer the opportunity to give the company a specific amount of cash, which subsequently qualifies them to choose from three subscription tier packages of $100, $250 or $500. They will then receive an NFT mystery box according to the package tier they chose.

According to Mint Block Technologies, the ownership of each Mystery Box utilizes an algorithm that chooses among available tokens, thus eliminating the issue of implied promises that they are choosing the most profitable altcoins. That, according to crypto enthusiasts, is one of the numerous reasons why the Mystery Box NFT is growing in popularity-because of its transparency and investment in the public’s trust.

According to the developer’s founder, every mystery box minted aims to reach the hands of NFT enthusiasts, especially the fans of quality pieces with solid roadmaps. In addition, they will be rewarding the early holders who believe in the exponential growth of the metaverse and the NFT ecosystem. “Our target audience includes mostly crypto and NFT holders who prefer long-term investments and larger gains compared to short-term scalping and intraday strategies,” the owner shared.

As an early participant in the ever-expanding metaverse and NFT space, Mint Block Technologies anticipates a future where they can effectively compete in the crypto space side by side with some of the industry giants. However, within five years, the company hopes to have made tremendous progress from where it is at the moment, which includes “Selling hundreds of thousands of mystery boxes and having a suite of new products that we can market/sell.”

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SOURCE: Mint Block Technologies