MIT45 Shifts Management Team to Prepare for Next Stage of Growth

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The transition of the founders to the board of directors marks the next step forward as the company quickly climbs to the pinnacle of the kratom industry

MIT45, the premier lifestyle brand, announced last week the transition of two founders and executives to the board during Q1 of 2022. The management team will continue to focus on improving and expanding operations, sales, and acquisitions. This marks the next stage of growth for MIT45 as the company continues to develop at lightning speed.

MIT45 has grown into a well-known lifestyle brand over the previous three years and has accelerated to one of the top companies in the industry. The have recently gained recognition for being a force for positive change in the industry and implementing a culture of excellence and diversity.  

The company, started in 2012 in Salt Lake City, quickly developed a strong foothold in the industry. They gained a cult following due to a reputation for the high quality of anything they tie to their name. In 2018 the company began to grow rapidly with numerous advances and developments prior to the pandemic. Since then, they have had a meteoric rise and are on track to dominate the market.

The executive team decided now was the right time for the founders to transition to the board for multiple reasons, but primarily it will help the company execute according to the vision while still expanding rapidly and acquiring more market share. After the addition of multiple executives with extensive management experience, the founders feel the management team has solidified and is more than capable of what is to come next.

The CEO of MIT45, Ryan Niddel, stated, “We’ve had exciting growth over the previous 3 years and with the expansion and development we feel we have the right team to continue on our path. Mr. Brady and Mr. Locke are ready to step back from the operational side and ensure the company is set to continue to the next level.”

MIT45 has compiled a long list of achievements during the last couple years and with this transition it will continue to stay on track and continue to grow at a record pace. This, in addition to being a fan favorite and winning multiple awards, are just a few of the reasons MIT45 has become the leader in the industry.

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