MIT45: A New Kratom Company Culture for a New ErA

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As part of our ongoing series highlighting the culture of successful companies in 2021 and beyond, today we are showcasing MIT45 – the “gold standard” of the kratom industry.

MIT45 has successfully developed not only multiple award-winning products that stand out, but has developed a culture of inclusivity and trust. As their company vision states…

“There’s a difference between being in the world and living in it. MIT45 is dedicated to providing a different kind of life, one that inspires peace and magnificence for those who are fortunate enough to be on this journey with us.”

Providing Balance to Employees

The management team at MIT45 works tirelessly to provide balance in the employees’ personal lives while achieving their professional responsibilities, maintaining an energized environment while also providing time off for personal expansion. The path to developing the structure to maintain a healthy work/life balance has taken time, effort and resources, but they appear to have found the ideal way to achieve all the goals. They want everyone around them to see not only how they can live a better life but how they embody what that looks like as well.

As Ryan Niddel, the CEO of MIT45 stated, “In a community, it’s easy to forget that we all have our own significance and importance. We are not simply the sum of our parts; each individual contributes in their own way. For MIT45, it’s been an honor to remind people of this truth by providing a safe space for them to be themselves.”

After years of dialing in their mission statement, it appears they have found the perfect balance for the staff and customers…

For over 6 years, MIT45 has been on a mission to inspire peace and magnificence in the world. They create innovative, exceptional products by sourcing high-quality materials and keeping their manufacturing standards high. They promote safety, respect, honesty, accountability with employees, customers, and vendors all with whom they interact.  MIT45 doesn’t just create products, they change lives.

MIT45 is one of the country’s premier providers of Kratom featuring its MIT45 line of products. To best serve their diverse range of clients, MIT45has built an internal team that reflects their clients and brings a variety of backgrounds and opinions to the table to help solve problems. 

Even more important than diversity, MIT45 builds an inclusive environment to ensure everyone feels comfortable and welcome no matter their background or experiences. The company offers leadership classes and mentorship opportunities to ensure new hires are matched with colleagues, making for a more productive work environment.

When it comes to its partners, the MIT45 product line provides fantastic upsell product solutions for companies residing in the self awareness, health and wellness lifestyle space (i.e. chiropractors, massage practices, health food and nutrient stores etc.).

What makes the MIT45 company culture great is it’s centered on trust. The MIT45 team is comfortable and proud to share their unique professional and personal passions.  MIT45 has found success in creating a culture based on authenticity and trust. They believe in celebrating the individual uniqueness of every member on our team. By doing so, they make a more inclusive environment where people can be frank with feedback and recommendations without fear of judgment or retribution.

Partnership Culture

Being industry leaders, MIT45 provides the best industry wholesale rates providing great profits for your business.

The MIT45 Merchants Program is designed to build long-term relationships and increase partner profitability, it allows their partners to expand and grow their business by offering MIT45 reliable products across the US.

We are thrilled to showcase a company that “get’s it” when it comes to developing a culture in this century. One that provides a balance and cares for their employees’ well-being.

In working with MIT45’s Merchants Program account executives, their merchant partners will be provided with the best product training, sales assistance, as well as market support and service to best suit the needs of their clients.

Interested in carrying MIT45 products in your store?  Visit  with your store name, city, and state and we’ll send you info on the products, distributor information, and pricing.