Middle Eastern Leading Blockchain Project, ICICB Coin, Reveals its Preparation to Launch its Highly Anticipated Public Sale in May 2022

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DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES / ACCESSWIRE / April 21, 2022 / Following the success of the private sale launch earlier in the year, the ingenious team behind the exciting blockchain project of ICICB Coin has disclosed the public sale launch in May 2022. It provides the limited-time opportunity to take part in a project that has developed momentum and popularity within the Middle East as ‘one of the most exciting and innovative’ upcoming projects within the blockchain space.

Over the past few years, ICICB has emerged as one of the globe’s fastest-growing holding companies through its construction of consistency in the successful delivery of revolutionary projects that surpass expectations. The Dubai-based conglomerate creates distinctive value through its rigorous development of innovative solutions that capitalize on the company’s competence, insights, and customer relationships. ICICB’s team has been tenacious to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s most dynamic technology firm. In line with the increasing popularity of blockchain technology and the crypto landscape, the multinational corporation with a presence in over twenty-six countries, debuted its cutting-edge blockchain solution, ICICB Chain earlier this year. In terms of speed and fees, ICICB Chain strives to outperform other top-performing blockchains. The innovative blockchain offers transaction fees as low as $0.0000008 and transaction speeds of up to 30,000 TPS. With its successful wide acceptance in the UAE’s smart community and crypto enthusiasts, ICICB is set to hold a public sale for its own project, ICICB Coin, in May 2022.

Responding to stakeholder feedback and in-demand digital needs, the strategic ICICB Group created unparalleled headway on its intelligent blockchain initiative. The thriving company poured vast sums of money into this project with an aim to become an all-infrastructure blockchain solution. With the introduction of its unique blockchain solution, ICICB has strengthened its position at the frontline of significant reform. Alongside its lightning speed and cost-effectiveness, ICICB Chain also emphasizes the refinement of a comprehensive user engagement across different industries. The ICICB Chain distinguishes itself from other blockchain spaces by offering a one-of-a-kind ecosystem that will allow users to fully experience the ICICB Chain’s features through utility across different in-house platforms. In addition to the blockchain solution, the company has committed to the future release of several other projects that strengthens the ecosystem; the ICICB DEX, ICICB Wallet, ICICB Portal, ICICB Bridge, ICICB Marketplace, ICICB Metaverse, and ICICB Games.

Moreover, users can leverage ICICB Coin to trade on the ICICB Chain for a fraction of the transfer fees that competitors charge. According to the leading tech group, the number of minted coins is expected to reach 7.7 billion by 2030. With ICICB Coin, users can purchase NFTs in the form of in-game assets such as fashions, avatars, weapons, and armor for use in ICICB Games, as well as clothing, accessories, cars, and other items to employ in Cosmos, the ICICB’s metaverse. The ecosystem’s interconnectedness will provide global clients with long-term investment solutions. These features showcase the ability of ICICB to fulfil the 2022 space potential checklist.

Following its expansion, ICICB has cemented its position by integrating intelligent automation to develop long-term, groundbreaking solutions for its clients, laying the framework for a bright future in the digital age. By exceeding the demands of the global market, they are poised to alter the status quo of the new digital age.

The public sale is slated to commence in May 2022 and is expected to be one of the year’s top investment opportunities as blockchain and the metaverse gain prominence on the global stage. With the public sale of ICICB Coin, the clients, investors, and stakeholders of the crypto community will be positioned to capitalize on the most recent emerging opportunities provided by the blockchain network.

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About the ICICB Group

ICICB is an investment holding company specialized in financial services and investment offerings. Emerging as one of the fastest-growing multinational investment companies, they are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The group serves a variety of industries including digital banking, consulting, medical care, commercial real estate, and more. Over the past few years, ICICB’s mission has been the development and advancement of digital technology, integrated with everyday life to increase efficiency and sustainability.

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