Michael Luckhoo is Featured in Exclusive Online Interview to Discuss His Success in the Business Sector

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MISSISSAUGA, ON / June 22, 2021 / Experienced entrepreneur and business expert Michael Luckhoo is pleased to announce that he has been featured in an exclusive online interview to discuss his current professional endeavors and his interest in decentralized technology. With a strong interest in the financial sector, his goal is to help bring blockchain to emerging economies. He hopes to be a recognized industry name in big data within the next five years.

As an experienced professional, Michael Luckhoo takes the time to discuss his daily operations. When asked what he loves most about his industry he claims, ‘I enjoy interacting with other people on a daily basis. Working with a group of like-minded individuals is motivating and makes me want to come to work each day. We don’t know where this venture will lead us but we are excited for the adventure.’

Throughout the interview, he also touches on what he believes makes a successful leader while providing suggestions for individuals interested in business. He recommends asking questions and continuing to network. He claims that while it may be challenging to find an entry point, there is a wide range of online communities to meet other industry professionals.

Those who are interested in learning more about Michael Luckhoo can access the full interview here.

About Michael Luckhoo

Michael Luckhoo is a successful entrepreneur and business professional based out of Mississauga, Ontario. After obtaining a post-secondary degree from Western University, he spent twelve years working in the aviation industry before setting his sights on the business landscape. Since 2017, Michael has been focused on decentralized digital assets including cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Michael’s primary objective is to usher in a new wave of consumer interaction with blockchain.