How Coinbase Users Can Earn From Crypto Traders Globally

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Fortius Capital Foundation’s New Solution Gives Entrepreneurs the Chance To Earn From Fintech Without Any Prior Knowledge.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / December 13, 2021 / The Bitcoin ETF Trading Challenge, operated by Fortius Capital Foundation and Capital Trust Group Limited (CTG), is a new trading solution to offer to Coinbase Crypto traders the opportunity to earn from crypto traders globally. Based on a Bitcoin ETF/Bitcoin Fund live trading experience solution that reduces crypto trading fees by 2 to 4 times lower than the largest crypto exchange in the U.S.

This comes in the midst of an important moment, as the ETFs have played a key role in the financial market in terms of the impact that they can make on consumers since the funds are simple to use, practical and affordable and they’ve saved investors a lot of money over the past years.

The participant for each “Bitcoin ETF trading challenge” can also request an online Certificate of Performance signed by the 22nd Prime Minister of Thailand who is one of the high-profile shareholders of Capital Trust Group Limited, for an additional fee. This arrangement could be considered as the world’s first Bitcoin ETF Trading Challenge that can provide a Certificate of Performance from the former national leader.

The turnkey solution of Bitcoin ETF trading challenge that can launch from scratch within 14 days, was established by Dubai-based non-profit Fortius and CTG, a New Zealand proprietary trading firm and multi-asset trading platform operator. The partners have a solution to make it easier and less confusing for first-time investors and regular consumers to enter the booming cryptocurrency exchange market by not only minimizing risk by trading a lower fee Bitcoin ETF/Fund at major stock exchanges without a hassle associated with keeping crypto secure but also, it can maximize profit by trade bluechip stocks with the same multi-currency trading account.

Toward that end, they are engineering a turnkey solution that requires zero fintech knowledge that represents a golden opportunity for users to stop losing money from crypto trading. Promoters can launch their own “Trading Challenge” under a foundation license in Dubai and start earning reaching customers all over the globe without leaving their home country. The partners are looking for Promoters to find Coinbase or users who are interested in lower crypto trading fees and can trade bluechip stock e.g. Tesla, Apple, Netflix with the same trading account.

Byung Jun Chun, UN Peace Ambassador and Advisor of CTG, explains, “Today, most of the 400 million Chinese students don’t have live experience trading bluechip stocks on major US stock exchanges, so we are delighted to partner with promoters through our online Bitcoin ETF x Blue-Chip Stocks Trading Challenge via live account and, at the same time educating on how to build investment portfolio like George Soros, Temasek Holding, AIA Group or Yale University that can potentially help to change the student’s mindset forever as per ADB Bank report mentioned: “Financial Literacy can help Poverty Reduction”.

Becoming a Promoter is simple. First, go to to sign up and pay the participation fee. Next, find trader participants to sign up with a branded sign-up form provided by CTG. The trader applicants that the Promoter finds will get a live proprietary investment portfolio with Bitcoin ETF (Ticker: BITO) listed at the New York Stock Exchanges (NYSE), with access to institutional crypto products, bluechip stocks and other asset classes in a single multi-currency margin trading account. As a final step, CTG will pay the Promoter for providing the trader applicants. (Limit 100,000 applicants per trading challenge)

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SOURCE: Fortius Capital Foundation