Gibby’s Capital Investments: Why Multi-Family Investing Is Among the Top of Real Estate Investments

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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 22, 2021 / B-Multi-family properties come in abundance in America, and it serves a particular market. As a result, many families have been open to renting and leasing apartments within multi-family properties for the long term. However, learning how to invest in them is a different story. That’s where real estate professionals like Eric Chadderdon, who specialize in acquiring multi-family apartment buildings, come into the picture, along with his company, Gibby’s Capital Investments.

Eric Chadderdon co-founded Gibby’s Capital Investments and serves as one of the firm’s managing partners and has helped bring the business to where it is today. Chadderdon’s focus has primarily been on multi-family properties, a form of real estate investing where he helps people to make passive income and aims to help more people take advantage of the amazing benefits like passive income and cash flow, large equity gains, and along with that all of the tax benefits that come with real estate investing as well.

“Having grown up in and around real estate in Oregon, primarily in single-family, I later saw the transition to multi-family investments being the way to go,” shares Eric. Chadderdon has a Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies and General Business from Boise State University. For over a decade, he worked in direct sales, learning all he could about building relationships and great offers and putting them in front of people who needed the product or service the most. Then, after more than a decade in direct sales and seeing massive successes in that field building teams and training hundreds of sales representatives across the country, he started his journey in the multi-family space. This is where he learned the ins and outs to acquisitions, asset management, due diligence, investor relations, and property investment analysis.

The multi-family investment approach to real estate investing has been a promising turn, especially in emerging markets. The Gibby’s Capital Investments team aims to take over a property and improve the community for the residents that call it home. They will come in and renovate units to a premium product and improve the curb appeal, really making the complex a place their residents take pride in. When they do this, they’re able to increase rents accordingly, which increases the value of the property substantially, which then provides extremely healthy returns for them and their investors.

The multi-family space is growing in popularity as these properties often provide comfortable but affordable housing, close-knit communities, an improved set of shared amenities and facilities, a safer and stronger investment opportunity than the typical returns of the stock market, and many other benefits to residents, their families, and investors. Eric has spent ample time understanding what makes multi-family properties work well and how to invest in the right ones. Eric came from a family of real estate professionals who mostly bought and sold single-family homes. But he was quick to spot the potential in multi-family syndications as they provided higher passive income to potential investors. So after learning all that he could about the ins and outs of multi-family property investing, he started getting into multi-family syndications, building and creating a pool of investors to come together and tackle 100+ unit apartment complexes, complexes that provide better returns and ones they wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase individually.

As an investor, Eric’s most powerful motivation is helping people make their money work hard for them instead of them working hard for their money. He regularly speaks at events and engagements about the power of real estate and entrepreneurship and how these routes can provide people with more financial freedom and his story about how he has gotten where he is today. Chadderdon has now helped several people invest in apartment complexes and multi-family properties. Primarily, his team at Gibby’s Capital Investments focuses on acquiring properties in the Texas market, but are now expanding to other markets as well.

Eric remains hungry for growth as he hopes to bring Gibby’s Capital Investments to a whole new level and expand their investor base and property portfolio tenfold in the next few years. He’s driven and hungry and will stop at nothing to help his investors grow their wealth through investing in multi-family properties.

To learn more about Eric Chadderdon and Gibby’s Capital Investments, check out Chadderdon’s LinkedIn profile or visit the company’s website.


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