FinalBossTV’s Guide To Streaming

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Welcome to the new era of streaming! While streaming used to be a way for gamers to simply have fun, it has since evolved into a whole new industry. Popular streamers are now able to earn large amounts of money while entertaining people and creating their own personal brand. Streaming can span everything from playing video games to going out in real life with a camera to stream your everyday life or activities with friends.

‘The easiest way to describe a ‘professional streamer’ is anyone who makes a living from live streaming content. Brands now use live video streaming platforms to engage with their fanbase and interact directly with users through the chat window,’ says Adam Knych, also known as FinalBossTV.

Here are some tips and tricks from FinalBossTV on how to become a professional streamer and build a dedicated fanbase:

What you’ll need

Streaming is a wonderful way to make your content accessible from anywhere. Wherever there’s a fast and reliable internet connection, you can watch free video content. Paying for a high-quality webcam is worth every penny if you want your visuals to be worthwhile and engaging for your audience. Whether that’s celebrating a victory, greeting viewers or having a special guest on your stream.

If you’re looking to start your streaming career, consider investing in the following items:

  • A desktop PC
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • A gaming headset with a microphone
  • A webcam or a high-depth camera for better quality
  • Stream deck and/or a mixer to control sound and overlays
  • Streaming software
  • Fast internet connection

Specialize in a specific game

First things first: you have to stand out. While most people can get into streaming, the best bet is to try and pick a game that you’re very good at. Do it in a way that fits your personality and don’t just stream the same games everyone else is doing. When you specialize in a specific game, make sure you can talk about it casually while also being entertaining – which will get you noticed by fans of the game.

‘With streaming being so popular, you have to make sure you have the personality or are featuring events that are interesting to watch,’ said FinalBossTV. ‘You need to make things entertaining and make your audience want to stick around for more and even learn from you. You have to be a good gamer, but also have to have an engaging personality!’

Consistency is key

When it comes to streaming, nothing beats consistency. Streamers who stream consistently are more likely to have a significant following, and also have a better chance at making a decent living of their streaming career. A steady schedule means your viewers will stay engaged and grow with your schedule, so you can focus on quality over quantity.

Get to know your followers

Live streaming is easily one of the best things that has happened to the gaming community. It allows you to chat with your audience and instantly connect with them, which increases the ability to get to know fans. When you stream content live, make sure that you continuously engage with people and never stop replying to comments and questions. At the end of the day, your bond with fans is what will keep your streaming popular and lead to high engagement for years to come!