denTEL Directory Enables Dental Care Providers To Connect With Right Patients

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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2021 / denTEL, a specialized oral health directory was introduced with an aim for patients to find a dentist near their location. It even helps oral health care providers to connect with their clinics easily. Searching for a reliable dentist on the internet can generate boring results. denTEL has simplified the search process for American citizens. Using denTEL, connect with a professional dentist specializing in endodontic, oral health, Maxillofacial surgery/pathology/radiology, orthodontics, pediatric, and more.

Every dental clinic listed on the denTEL directory has undergone stringent assessment for quality services. All the crucial details like contact info, services offered, reviews, and images are provided. It helps people to confidently use the online platform.

Searching for an appropriate oral care provider is stressful. The lack of information associated with specialties, availability, and treatments makes it hard to select a dentist. denTEL offers dentists a chance to reach prospective patients. Dental clinics can share details about why to choose them or what are the strengths making them different from others. The directory simplifies how dentists and patients connect via transparent indexing.

Dental clinics can increase local visibility because denTEL makes use of oral care provider’s location data to promote their practice. Patients also find it convenient to make appointments online via listings. They can find an ideal time slot suitable for the dentist and the patients from the profile of the dental practice.

denTEL offers an advanced search function, where everything ranging from operation hours and location to service catered and quality is applied to match doctors with the right patients and vice versa. Patients are matched with the right specialist oral healthcare provider, thus saving time sitting in the waiting room.

denTEL platform is dedicated to oral healthcare providers, who are focused on offering patients great oral health services. Comprehensive checks are conducted to confirm quality control. denTEL has a listing of 138,000+ practices from across 4,855+ cities around the US. The information is regularly updated and if some practices are not indexed or if they are not visible on the listing then contact denTEL support with clinic details. As soon as they verify the input validity, the missing practice is added to their dentist directory.

denTEL aims to make dental care more friendly, approachable, and seamless. They empower communities with a wide database of oral healthcare providers specializing in a variety of services. It empowers patients to make informed decisions.

Appealing features denTEL directory offers include –

  • Local listing reviews from Yahoo, Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and more.
  • Obtain 0% financing approval.
  • Find what treatment the patient insurance covers.
  • Find offers from oral health care providers in the region or locality.
  • Submit treatment estimates to other dentists.
  • Make virtual consultation appointments to discuss issues without visiting the dental office, especially in this COVID-19 situation.

Using denTEL’s directory has a user-friendly interface that offers access to reliable dentists nearby. Finding a dentist online has become easy with denTEL. Use denTEL for free and type your location to find a dentist that fits all your dental needs. Happy dental health maintenance.


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