Deamchain – A Revolutionary Investment Opportunity for the Freelance Economy

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Deam Chain, the innovative blockchain platform that aims to revolutionize the freelance economy, has just launched its native token, Deam Coin. This marks a significant milestone for the platform and presents a unique opportunity for investors looking to enter the cryptocurrency market.

Deam Coin holders can earn passive income by leasing computational power from the platform’s validator nodes, while the DEAMGPT API enables users to train and construct LLM models for cryptocurrency trading and arbitraging. With each use of the API, a portion of the Deam Coin supply is burnt, leading to a decrease in supply and an increase in the token’s value.

In addition, the Deam Chain platform operates on a deflationary economic model that ensures the supply of Deam Coin decreases over time, leading to a potential increase in its value. The platform also features a Patent platform that stores patents on the blockchain, ensuring their protection from infringement and generating revenue from those who wish to use them.

Overall, Deam Chain’s innovative approach to the freelance economy, combined with the unique features of the Deam Coin, makes this a promising investment opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolios in the cryptocurrency market.


Company Name: Deamtest Software Limited
Email: [email protected]
Person Name – He Xiao
City: San Po Kong, Kowloon,
Country: Hong Kong

SOURCE: Deamtest Software Limited

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