DataBank.Me Deploys AI Digital Human to Run 90% of Operations

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The futuristic digital solution leverages Soul Machines’s patented Digital Brain technology together with a suite of advanced technologies, including conversational AI, autonomous animation, and Web3. The result is a lifelike digital human who can detect emotions, contextualize interactions, and process any financial transaction or asset transfer.

Brittany bears a remarkable resemblance to her human counterparts in appearance and behavior. However, her extraordinary capabilities set her apart from humanoid teams. She can converse in 30 languages, including Spanish, French, Hindi, Urdu, Arab, and Tagalog. This allows DataBank.Me to pursue rapid global expansion, particularly in markets like Africa and Southeast Asia-some of the fastest growing regions for non-bank digital payments and home to large under-served populations. Adding 20 languages alone to Brittany’s repertoire can open up access to over 80% of the world’s population and save the company over $1.6million in annual employee expenditure and infrastructure investments.

Some of the customer-facing tasks Brittany takes over include conducting webinars, educating subscribers, fulfilling digital product delivery, providing AI investment services, and sending payments to members. She will be active 24/7 serving a global audience from different time zones and will offer impressive scalability to meet rising market demands. She can, for example, simultaneously answer queries of over 5,000 people in 10 different languages-indeed, a superpower no human can match.

In addition, Brittany will be responsible for critical marketing, sales, admin, IT, and finance activities such as sending emails to potential advertisers, creating ad campaigns, performing geofencing activities and audits, analyzing data, detecting fraud, tracking sales, and performing accounting functions.

“We are excited to work with the premier digital human technology provided by Soul Machines. The technology behind Brittany offers unlimited scalability opportunities together with substantial savings. It will help us create an even more efficient and leaner operation, the benefits of which we are able to transfer to our customers and investors. And by assigning 90% of our critical operations to Brittany, we can accelerate our market expansion efforts towards achieving a monthly revenue goal of $1.85 million by the end of 2024,” said Tom McMurrain, CEO of SuperWallet, Inc., which owns DataBank.Me.

The CB Insights Industry Analyst Consensus values the current mobile wallet market at a staggering $1 trillion and expects it to reach $7 trillion by 2027. The sector has leaned on technology innovations to evolve rapidly, giving rise to super wallets that have increasingly gained popularity over single-function digital wallets. DataBank.Me has been quick to carve its own market in this space, setting ambitious expansion plans with a particular focus on the African region. The introduction of Brittany will be an essential step in this strategy, with her highly scalable features that allow the company to fast-track its growth trajectory.


About DataBank.Me: Owned by SuperWallet, Inc., DataBank.Me is a cutting-edge technology company and a pioneer in the privacy-first data movement. It is a super wallet with a software suite that empowers users to ethically mine, securely store, and effectively monetize their data. With 330,000 registered members and 50,000 paid subscriptions, the company has generated $5 million in sales and $1 million in net revenue. To learn more about DataBank.Me and Brittany, visit


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