Champion Health, Part of Physitrack Group, Launches Mental Health Therapy in Premium Product

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Physitrack (STO:PTRK) Champion Health, part of the Physitrack Group, today announces the launch of another integrated care pathway into its premium Employee Wellbeing product – Mental Health Therapy. The new care pathway seamlessly integrates into Champion’s user journey as of today and is expected to significantly accelerate the growth of its SaaS offering.

The acquisition of Champion by the Physitrack Group, announced in May of 2022, opened up the possibility for Champion to enhance its holistic wellbeing with Physitrack’s virtual-first care offerings delivered through the Access ecosystem, while also establishing a strong commercial foothold in the corporate wellness market. The global digital health market is projected to be a USD 222 billion market by 2026, according to Facts & Factors Research.[1]

Through the integration of another Care pathway into Champion following the successful launch of Physiotherapy in July of 2022, new growth avenues in SaaS with substantial revenue potential are opened up, and the Group’s expansion in the UK, the Nordics, Germany and the US is substantially accelerated.

Henrik Molin, CEO and co-founder of Physitrack group, comments:
“Mental health-related absence is the most common cause of long-term sickness absence in UK workplaces, with poor mental health costing employers up to tens of billions ¬£ per year. Today, we take a big step towards putting a dent in that, and we look forward to helping as many companies as we can on our journey to elevate the world’s wellbeing with Champion’s world-leading platform.”

Harry Bliss, CEO and co-founder of Champion, comments:
“I am particularly proud of today’s product launch. Many people suffer from mental health challenges, and problem escalate daily due to multiple sources of daily stress of today’s society and macro-economic environment. Providing easy and discreet access to help and support from mental health professionals as part of a technology-driven holistic wellness journey is an incredibly powerful tool. Empowering people to self-help and encouraging them to actively seek help have been one of the core drivers behind the Champion mission and I am happy to see how this is now taking shape.”

Video introducing Champion Mental Health therapy offering:

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About Physitrack PLC
Physitrack PLC, founded in 2012, is a global digital healthcare provider, focused on the B2B wellness and virtual-first care markets. With staff on four continents, customers in 17 time zones, and end users in 187 countries, Physitrack is a truly global company.

The company has two business lines:

Lifecare Technology – SaaS platform tailored mainly to physiotherapy and musculoskeletal care, enabling practitioners to deliver clinical home exercises, education prescription, outcomes tracking, triaging and Telehealth.

Virtual-first Wellness / Champion Health – SaaS platform for Employee Wellness and care powered by a combination of world-leading technology and wellness professionals based in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Nordics.

Physitrack PLC is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and listed on Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (PTRK).

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About Champion
Champion Health Ltd is a UK-based provider of an all-in-one holistic corporate wellness platform that links proactive and interactive content with virtual and hands-on consultations for all areas of wellbeing into a sleek and seamless platform and app for employees to use anywhere, anytime.

Champion has a vision to be a global leading digital solution for workplace health. To-date it has targeted companies with 500+ employees and plans to expand into self-service SMEs and B2C in the medium term.

The platform boasts a data-driven approach with high usage and a seamless user interface inspired by global leaders in SaaS, as well as a high number of unique features, which sets it apart from other wellness technology providers.

Champion has a growing network of experts (including clinical psychologists, dieticians, behavioural scientists, burnout leads, behavioural change specialists, nutritionists, clinical leads and champion ambassadors including Olympians and Paralympians) who help provide technical, clinical and inspirational content related to wellbeing.

Learn more at and watch promotion videos of their ground-breaking platform at (1.02 min) and (1.29 min)

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[1] Facts and Factors Research (2021),


Champion Health, part of Physitrack Group, launches Mental Health Therapy in premium product

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