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Taj Quantum Awarded Patent for Groundbreaking Type II Superconductor

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Taj Quantum, a pioneer in quantum technology and blockchain-based authentication systems, is pleased to announce the awarding of a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its Above Room Temperature Type…

The Philly ABCs Bring Learning Fun to North Philly Playgrounds

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 Read by 4th, Philly’s early literacy movement, in partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Parks & Recreation, is excited to announce the Philly ABCs campaign. This innovative early literacy initiative is bringing vibrant alphabet…

The Calm After the Storm

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By Kim Borges and Jeremy King You’ve seen the stories. Disaster strikes. People, businesses and nonprofits respond. Immediate recovery is fueled in equal parts by adrenaline and goodwill. But what about later – when the…

New HPC Cluster Enables Lenovo & Al Hathboor To Drive Citizen Safety & Health From Sustainable Data Center

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Lenovo signed a new agreement with Al Hathboor, to provide public and private sector customers with cutting-edge high performance cloud computing systems to support advanced digital transformation projects which focus on developing innovation in…

Farm AI Is Bringing Blockchain And AI Innovation To The $20 Billion Smart Farming Industry – And It’s Launching A Presale On Its Native $FAI Token

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 The first agricultural revolution occurred over 12,000 years ago among hunter-gatherers in the region known as the Fertile Crescent (modern-day Turkey and Syria). Now, blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) could be paving the way for…

Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Program Now Includes SCS Recycled Content Certification for Electrical and Electronic Equipment

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SCS Global Services, a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification, auditing, and testing, today announced that its new Recycled Content certification for the electrical and electronic equipment industries will qualify products for recognition…

Offshore Opulent – A New Frontier for Offshore Services

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Offshore Opulent emerges as a game-changer in the world of offshore services, offering a fresh perspective and a streamlined approach to offshore company formation and structures. In an industry traditionally dominated by law firms and…

Legacy Suite Secures Online Identity Through Its New Social Media Legacy Program

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A developer of digital asset management solutions, including password managers and power of attorney, Legacy Suite now offers a social media legacy package for anyone wanting to protect their online identity, deal with legal considerations after death,…

Elevated Minds Expands to Provide Mental Health Services Worldwide

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While the company will also provide life coaching services, Dr. Grimes emphasizes that the main focus of Elevated Minds remains psychotherapy, and the expansion of life coaching will be an additional wellness service. The COVID-19…

Dignity, Control and a Cupboard No Longer Bare

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Thanks to inquiring minds, 34,000 fewer young bellies were impacted by empty cupboards and empty stomachs in 2022. I Can for Kids Foundation (iCAN) was formed in 2015 after a television segment on student hunger…